Simplicity is key. At Phil Bystrican Apps we know a good app does not need to do a million things, it should do a few tasks really well.


Our apps are designed to be as intuitive as possible. That means less time reading instructions and more time enjoying your apps.


Without functionality and app is useless, literally. All our apps contain full functionality, no trials, no inaccessible features, that is our guarantee.


Absolutely no pop-up ads, the logical choice

We know pop-up ads are just annoying, thats why we don't use them in any apps. That means no need to close an ad evey time you go to use an app. The end result? A simpler user experience, better app functionality and a more intuitive design.



Phil Bystrican Apps is a small company based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It was started by Phil Bystrican in 2010 with the app Pitch Counter Pro and has continued ever since. Phil Bystrican Apps specializes in sports apps that are easy to use and provide important information to players, coaches and spectators.

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us to discuss your app Phil [at] PBApps [dot] ca